startVerticalCaretMovement method

VerticalCaretMovementRun startVerticalCaretMovement(
  1. TextPosition startPosition

Starts a VerticalCaretMovementRun at the given location in the text, for handling consecutive vertical caret movements.

This can be used to handle consecutive upward/downward arrow key movements in an input field.

When the user presses the upward arrow key or the downward arrow key, on many platforms (macOS for instance), the caret will move to the previous line or the next line, while maintaining its original horizontal location. When it encounters a shorter line, the caret moves to the closest horizontal location within that line, and restores the original horizontal location when a long enough line is encountered.

Additionally, the caret will move to the beginning of the document if the upward arrow key is pressed and the caret is already on the first line. If the downward arrow key is pressed next, the caret will restore its original horizontal location and move to the second line. Similarly the caret moves to the end of the document if the downward arrow key is pressed when it's already on the last line.

Consider a left-aligned paragraph: aa| a aaa where the caret was initially placed at the end of the first line. Pressing the downward arrow key once will move the caret to the end of the second line, and twice the arrow key moves to the third line after the second "a" on that line. Pressing the downward arrow key again, the caret will move to the end of the third line (the end of the document). Pressing the upward arrow key in this state will result in the caret moving to the end of the second line.

Vertical caret runs are typically interrupted when the layout of the text changes (including when the text itself changes), or when the selection is changed by other input events or programmatically (for example, when the user pressed the left arrow key).

The VerticalCaretMovementRun.isValid property indicates whether the text layout has changed and the vertical caret run is invalidated.

The caller should typically discard a VerticalCaretMovementRun when its VerticalCaretMovementRun.isValid becomes false, or on other occasions where the vertical caret run should be interrupted.


VerticalCaretMovementRun startVerticalCaretMovement(TextPosition startPosition) {
  final List<ui.LineMetrics> metrics = _textPainter.computeLineMetrics();
  final MapEntry<int, Offset> currentLine = _lineNumberFor(startPosition, metrics);
  return VerticalCaretMovementRun._(