layoutInlineChildren method

  1. @protected
List<PlaceholderDimensions> layoutInlineChildren(
  1. double maxWidth,
  2. ChildLayouter layoutChild

Computes the layout for every inline child using the given layoutChild function and the maxWidth constraint.

Returns a list of PlaceholderDimensions, representing the layout results for each child managed by the ContainerRenderObjectMixin mixin.

Since this method does not impose a maximum height constraint on the inline children, some children may become taller than this RenderBox.

See also:


List<PlaceholderDimensions> layoutInlineChildren(double maxWidth, ChildLayouter layoutChild) {
  return <PlaceholderDimensions>[
    for (RenderBox? child = firstChild; child != null; child = childAfter(child))
      _layoutChild(child, maxWidth, layoutChild),