RenderPhysicalShape constructor

RenderPhysicalShape({RenderBox child, @required CustomClipper<Path> clipper, Clip clipBehavior: Clip.none, double elevation: 0.0, @required Color color, Color shadowColor: const Color(0xFF000000) })

Creates an arbitrary shape clip.

The color and shape parameters are required.

The clipper, elevation, color and shadowColor must not be null. Additionally, the elevation must be non-negative.


  RenderBox child,
  @required CustomClipper<Path> clipper,
  Clip clipBehavior = Clip.none,
  double elevation = 0.0,
  @required Color color,
  Color shadowColor = const Color(0xFF000000),
}) : assert(clipper != null),
     assert(elevation != null && elevation >= 0.0),
     assert(color != null),
     assert(shadowColor != null),
       child: child,
       elevation: elevation,
       color: color,
       shadowColor: shadowColor,
       clipper: clipper,
       clipBehavior: clipBehavior