cacheExtentStyle property

CacheExtentStyle cacheExtentStyle

Controls how the cacheExtent is interpreted.

If set to CacheExtentStyle.pixel, the cacheExtent will be treated as a logical pixels, and the default cacheExtent is RenderAbstractViewport.defaultCacheExtent.

If set to CacheExtentStyle.viewport, the cacheExtent will be treated as a multiplier for the main axis extent of the viewport. In this case there is no default cacheExtent; it must be explicitly specified.

Changing the cacheExtentStyle without also changing the cacheExtent is rarely the correct choice.


CacheExtentStyle get cacheExtentStyle => _cacheExtentStyle;
void cacheExtentStyle=(CacheExtentStyle value)


set cacheExtentStyle(CacheExtentStyle value) {
  if (value == _cacheExtentStyle) {
  _cacheExtentStyle = value;