resetEpoch method

void resetEpoch()

Prepares the scheduler for a non-monotonic change to how time stamps are calculated.

Callbacks received from the scheduler assume that their time stamps are monotonically increasing. The raw time stamp passed to handleBeginFrame is monotonic, but the scheduler might adjust those time stamps to provide timeDilation. Without careful handling, these adjusts could cause time to appear to run backwards.

The resetEpoch function ensures that the time stamps are monotonic by resetting the base time stamp used for future time stamp adjustments to the current value. For example, if the timeDilation decreases, rather than scaling down the Duration since the beginning of time, resetEpoch will ensure that we only scale down the duration since resetEpoch was called.

Setting timeDilation calls resetEpoch automatically. You don't need to call resetEpoch yourself.


void resetEpoch() {
  _epochStart = _adjustForEpoch(_lastRawTimeStamp);
  _firstRawTimeStampInEpoch = null;