SchedulerPhase enum

The various phases that a SchedulerBinding goes through during SchedulerBinding.handleBeginFrame.

This is exposed by SchedulerBinding.schedulerPhase.

The values of this enum are ordered in the same order as the phases occur, so their relative index values can be compared to each other.

See also the discussion at WidgetsBinding.drawFrame.


idle → const SchedulerPhase

No frame is being processed. Tasks (scheduled by WidgetsBinding.scheduleTask), microtasks (scheduled by scheduleMicrotask), Timer callbacks, event handlers (e.g. from user input), and other callbacks (e.g. from Futures, Streams, and the like) may be executing.

const SchedulerPhase(0)
midFrameMicrotasks → const SchedulerPhase

Microtasks scheduled during the processing of transient callbacks are current executing.

This may include, for instance, callbacks from futures resolved during the transientCallbacks phase.

const SchedulerPhase(2)
persistentCallbacks → const SchedulerPhase

The persistent callbacks (scheduled by WidgetsBinding.addPersistentFrameCallback) are currently executing.

Typically, this is the build/layout/paint pipeline. See WidgetsBinding.drawFrame and SchedulerBinding.handleDrawFrame.

const SchedulerPhase(3)
postFrameCallbacks → const SchedulerPhase

The post-frame callbacks (scheduled by WidgetsBinding.addPostFrameCallback) are currently executing.

Typically, these callbacks handle cleanup and scheduling of work for the next frame.

See SchedulerBinding.handleDrawFrame.

const SchedulerPhase(4)
transientCallbacks → const SchedulerPhase

The transient callbacks (scheduled by WidgetsBinding.scheduleFrameCallback) are currently executing.

Typically, these callbacks handle updating objects to new animation states.

See SchedulerBinding.handleBeginFrame.

const SchedulerPhase(1)
values → const List<SchedulerPhase>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<SchedulerPhase>


index int

The integer index of this enum.

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