TickerFuture class

An object representing an ongoing Ticker sequence.

The Ticker.start method returns a TickerFuture. The TickerFuture will complete successfully if the Ticker is stopped using Ticker.stop with the canceled argument set to false (the default).

If the Ticker is disposed without being stopped, or if it is stopped with canceled set to true, then this Future will never complete.

This class works like a normal Future, but has an additional property, orCancel, which returns a derivative Future that completes with an error if the Ticker that returned the TickerFuture was stopped with canceled set to true, or if it was disposed without being stopped.

To run a callback when either this future resolves or when the ticker is canceled, use whenCompleteOrCancel.

Implemented types
Available Extensions


Creates a TickerFuture instance that represents an already-complete Ticker sequence.


hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
orCancel Future<void>
A future that resolves when this future resolves or throws when the ticker is canceled.
no setter
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited


asStream() Stream<void>
Creates a Stream containing the result of this future.
catchError(Function onError, {bool test(Object)?}) Future<void>
Handles errors emitted by this Future.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
then<R>(FutureOr<R> onValue(void value), {Function? onError}) Future<R>
Register callbacks to be called when this future completes.
timeout(Duration timeLimit, {FutureOr<void> onTimeout()?}) Future<void>
Stop waiting for this future after timeLimit has passed.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
whenComplete(dynamic action()) Future<void>
Registers a function to be called when this future completes.
whenCompleteOrCancel(VoidCallback callback) → void
Calls callback either when this future resolves or when the ticker is canceled.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.