siblingMergeGroups property

List<List<SemanticsConfiguration>> siblingMergeGroups

The groups of child semantics configurations that want to merge together and form a sibling SemanticsNode.

All the SemanticsConfigurations in a given group that are either semantics boundaries or are conflicting with other SemanticsConfigurations of the same group will be excluded from the sibling merge group and form independent semantics nodes as usual.

The result SemanticsNodes from the merges are attached as the sibling nodes of the immediate parent semantics node. For example, a RenderObjectA has a rendering child, RenderObjectB. If both of them form their own semantics nodes, SemanticsNodeA and SemanticsNodeB, any semantics node created from sibling merge groups of RenderObjectB will be attach to SemanticsNodeA as a sibling of SemanticsNodeB.


final List<List<SemanticsConfiguration>> siblingMergeGroups;