DebugSemanticsDumpOrder enum Null safety

Used by debugDumpSemanticsTree to specify the order in which child nodes are printed.


inverseHitTest → const DebugSemanticsDumpOrder

Print nodes in inverse hit test order.

In inverse hit test order, the last child of a SemanticsNode will be asked first if it wants to respond to a user's interaction, followed by the second last, etc. until a taker is found.

const DebugSemanticsDumpOrder(0)
traversalOrder → const DebugSemanticsDumpOrder

Print nodes in semantic traversal order.

This is the order in which a user would navigate the UI using the "next" and "previous" gestures.

const DebugSemanticsDumpOrder(1)
values → const List<DebugSemanticsDumpOrder>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<DebugSemanticsDumpOrder>


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