childConfigurationsDelegate property

ChildSemanticsConfigurationsDelegate? childConfigurationsDelegate

A delegate that decides how to handle SemanticsConfigurations produced in the widget subtree.

The SemanticsConfigurations are produced by rendering objects in the subtree and want to merge up to their parent. This delegate can decide which of these should be merged together to form sibling SemanticsNodes and which of them should be merged upwards into the parent SemanticsNode.

The input list of SemanticsConfigurations can be empty if the rendering object of this semantics configuration is a leaf node or child rendering objects do not contribute to the semantics.


ChildSemanticsConfigurationsDelegate? get childConfigurationsDelegate => _childConfigurationsDelegate;
void childConfigurationsDelegate=(ChildSemanticsConfigurationsDelegate? value)


set childConfigurationsDelegate(ChildSemanticsConfigurationsDelegate? value) {
  assert(value != null);
  _childConfigurationsDelegate = value;
  // Setting the childConfigsDelegate does not annotate any meaningful
  // semantics information of the config.