isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants property

bool isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants

Whether the semantic information provided by the owning RenderObject and all of its descendants should be treated as one logical entity.

If set to true, the descendants of the owning RenderObject's SemanticsNode will merge their semantic information into the SemanticsNode representing the owning RenderObject.

Setting this to true requires that isSemanticBoundary is also true.


bool get isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants => _isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants;
void isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants=(bool value)


set isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants(bool value) {
  _isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants = value;
  _hasBeenAnnotated = true;