isSemanticBoundary property

bool isSemanticBoundary

Whether the RenderObject owner of this configuration wants to own its own SemanticsNode.

When set to true semantic information associated with the RenderObject owner of this configuration or any of its descendants will not leak into parents. The SemanticsNode generated out of this configuration will act as a boundary.

Whether descendants of the owning RenderObject can add their semantic information to the SemanticsNode introduced by this configuration is controlled by explicitChildNodes.

This has to be true if isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants is also true.


bool get isSemanticBoundary => _isSemanticBoundary;
void isSemanticBoundary=(bool value)


set isSemanticBoundary(bool value) {
  assert(!isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants || value);
  _isSemanticBoundary = value;