liveRegion property

bool liveRegion

Whether the semantics node is a live region.

On Android, when a live region semantics node is first created TalkBack will make a polite announcement of the current label. This announcement occurs even if the node is not focused. Subsequent polite announcements can be made by sending a UpdateLiveRegionEvent semantics event. The announcement will only be made if the node's label has changed since the last update.

An example of a live region is the Snackbar widget. When it appears on the screen it may be difficult to focus to read the label. A live region causes an initial polite announcement to be generated automatically.

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bool get liveRegion => _hasFlag(SemanticsFlag.isLiveRegion);
void liveRegion= (bool value)


set liveRegion(bool value) {
  _setFlag(SemanticsFlag.isLiveRegion, value);