onMoveCursorForwardByWord property

MoveCursorHandler onMoveCursorForwardByWord

The handler for SemanticsAction.onMoveCursorForwardByWord.

This handler is invoked when the user wants to move the cursor in a text field backward by one word.

TalkBack users can trigger this by pressing the volume down key while the input focus is in a text field.


MoveCursorHandler get onMoveCursorForwardByWord => _onMoveCursorForwardByWord;
void onMoveCursorForwardByWord= (MoveCursorHandler value)


set onMoveCursorForwardByWord(MoveCursorHandler value) {
  assert(value != null);
  _addAction(SemanticsAction.moveCursorForwardByWord, (dynamic args) {
    final bool extentSelection = args as bool;
    assert(extentSelection != null);
  _onMoveCursorForwardByCharacter = value;