AutofillScope class abstract

An ordered group within which AutofillClients are logically connected.

AutofillClients within the same AutofillScope are isolated from other input fields during autofill. That is, when an autofillable TextInputClient gains focus, only the AutofillClients within the same AutofillScope will be visible to the autofill service, in the same order as they appear in AutofillScope.autofillClients.

AutofillScope also allows TextInput to redirect autofill values from the platform to the AutofillClient with the given identifier, by calling AutofillScope.getAutofillClient.

An AutofillClient that's not tied to any AutofillScope will only participate in autofill if the autofill is directly triggered by its own TextInputClient.





autofillClients Iterable<AutofillClient>
The collection of AutofillClients currently tied to this AutofillScope.
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hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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attach(TextInputClient trigger, TextInputConfiguration configuration) TextInputConnection
Allows a TextInputClient to attach to this scope. This method should be called in lieu of TextInput.attach, when the TextInputClient wishes to participate in autofill.
getAutofillClient(String autofillId) AutofillClient?
Gets the AutofillScope associated with the given autofillId, in this AutofillScope.
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toString() String
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