DeferredComponent class abstract final

Manages the installation and loading of deferred components.

Deferred components allow Flutter applications to download precompiled AOT dart code and assets at runtime, reducing the install size of apps and avoiding installing unnecessary code/assets on end user devices. Common use cases include deferring installation of advanced or infrequently used features and limiting locale specific features to users of matching locales. Deferred components can only deliver split off parts of the same app that was built and installed on the device. It cannot load new code written after the app is distributed.

Deferred components are currently an Android-only feature. The methods in this class are a no-op and all assets and dart code are already available without installation if called on other platforms.




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Static Methods

installDeferredComponent({required String componentName}) Future<void>
Requests that an assets-only deferred component identified by the componentName be downloaded and installed.
uninstallDeferredComponent({required String componentName}) Future<void>
Requests that a deferred component identified by the componentName be uninstalled.