FloatingCursorDragState enum

The state of a "floating cursor" drag on an iOS soft keyboard.

The "floating cursor" cursor-positioning mode is an iOS feature used to precisely position the caret in some editable text using certain touch gestures. As an example, when the user long-presses the spacebar on the iOS virtual keyboard, iOS enters floating cursor mode where the whole keyboard becomes a trackpad. In this mode, there are two visible cursors. One, the floating cursor, hovers over the text, following the user's horizontal movements exactly and snapping to lines vertically. The other, the placeholder cursor, is a "shadow" that also snaps to the actual location where the cursor will go horizontally when the user releases the trackpad.

The floating cursor renders over the text field, while the placeholder cursor is a faint shadow of the cursor rendered in the text field in the location between characters where the cursor will drop into when released. The placeholder cursor is a faint vertical bar, while the floating cursor has the same appearance as a normal cursor (a blue vertical bar).

This feature works out-of-the-box with Flutter. Support is built into EditableText.

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Start → const FloatingCursorDragState

A user has just activated a floating cursor by long pressing on the spacebar.

Update → const FloatingCursorDragState

A user is dragging a floating cursor.

End → const FloatingCursorDragState

A user has lifted their finger off the screen after using a floating cursor.


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values → const List<FloatingCursorDragState>
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