load method

Future<void> load()

Loads this font loader's font family and all of its associated assets into the Flutter engine, making the font available to the current application.

This method should only be called once per font loader. Attempts to load fonts from the same loader more than once will cause a StateError to be thrown.

The returned future will complete with an error if any of the font asset futures yield an error.


Future<void> load() async {
  if (_loaded) {
    throw StateError('FontLoader is already loaded');
  _loaded = true;

  final Iterable<Future<void>> loadFutures = _fontFutures.map(
      (Future<Uint8List> f) => f.then<void>(
          (Uint8List list) => loadFont(list, family),
  await Future.wait(loadFutures.toList());