debugName property

String? debugName

The debug string to print for this keyboard key, which will be null in release mode.

For printable keys, this is usually a more descriptive name related to keyLabel, such as 'Key A', 'Digit 1', 'Backslash'. This might also return accented letters (such as 'Key Ù') for keys labeled as so.

For other keys, this looks up the full key name from a predefined map (the same value as keyLabel), such as 'F1', 'Shift Left', or 'Media Down'. If there's no key label data for a key, this returns a name that explains the ID (such as 'Key with ID 0x00100012345').


String? get debugName {
  String? result;
  assert(() {
    result = _keyLabels[keyId];
    if (result == null) {
      final String? unicodeKeyLabel = _unicodeKeyLabel(keyId);
      if (unicodeKeyLabel != null) {
        result = 'Key $unicodeKeyLabel';
      } else {
        result = 'Key with ID 0x${keyId.toRadixString(16).padLeft(11, '0')}';
    return true;
  return result;