initUiKitView static method

Future<UiKitViewController> initUiKitView(
  1. {required int id,
  2. required String viewType,
  3. required TextDirection layoutDirection,
  4. dynamic creationParams,
  5. MessageCodec? creationParamsCodec,
  6. VoidCallback? onFocus}

Factory method to create a UiKitView.

The id parameter is an unused unique identifier generated with platformViewsRegistry.

The viewType parameter is the identifier of the iOS view type to be created, a factory for this view type must have been registered on the platform side. Platform view factories are typically registered by plugin code.

The onFocus parameter is a callback that will be invoked when the UIKit view asks to get the input focus. If creationParams is non null then creationParamsCodec must not be null.



static Future<UiKitViewController> initUiKitView({
  required int id,
  required String viewType,
  required TextDirection layoutDirection,
  dynamic creationParams,
  MessageCodec<dynamic>? creationParamsCodec,
  VoidCallback? onFocus,
}) async {
  assert(creationParams == null || creationParamsCodec != null);

  // TODO(amirh): pass layoutDirection once the system channel supports it.
  final Map<String, dynamic> args = <String, dynamic>{
    'id': id,
    'viewType': viewType,
  if (creationParams != null) {
    final ByteData paramsByteData = creationParamsCodec!.encodeMessage(creationParams)!;
    args['params'] = Uint8List.view(
  await SystemChannels.platform_views.invokeMethod<void>('create', args);
  if (onFocus != null) {
    _instance._focusCallbacks[id] = onFocus;
  return UiKitViewController._(id, layoutDirection);