getModifierSide method

  1. @override
KeyboardSide? getModifierSide(
  1. ModifierKey key

Returns a KeyboardSide enum value that describes which side or sides of the given keyboard modifier key were pressed at the time of this event.

If the modifier key wasn't pressed at the time of this event, returns null. If the given key only appears in one place on the keyboard, returns KeyboardSide.all if pressed. If the given platform does not specify the side, return KeyboardSide.any.


KeyboardSide? getModifierSide(ModifierKey key) {
  KeyboardSide? findSide(int anyMask, int leftMask, int rightMask) {
    final int combined = modifiers & anyMask;
    if (combined == leftMask) {
      return KeyboardSide.left;
    } else if (combined == rightMask) {
      return KeyboardSide.right;
    } else if (combined == anyMask) {
      return KeyboardSide.all;
    return null;

  switch (key) {
    case ModifierKey.controlModifier:
      return findSide(modifierControl, modifierLeftControl, modifierRightControl, );
    case ModifierKey.shiftModifier:
      return findSide(modifierShift, modifierLeftShift, modifierRightShift);
    case ModifierKey.altModifier:
      return findSide(modifierAlt, modifierLeftAlt, modifierRightAlt);
    case ModifierKey.metaModifier:
      return findSide(modifierMeta, modifierLeftMeta, modifierRightMeta);
    case ModifierKey.capsLockModifier:
      return (modifiers & modifierCapsLock == 0) ? null : KeyboardSide.all;
    case ModifierKey.numLockModifier:
    case ModifierKey.scrollLockModifier:
    case ModifierKey.functionModifier:
    case ModifierKey.symbolModifier:
      // Fuchsia doesn't support these modifiers, so they can't be pressed.
      return null;