ServicesServiceExtensions enum

Service extension constants for the services library.

These constants will be used when registering service extensions in the framework, and they will also be used by tools and services that call these service extensions.

The String value for each of these extension names should be accessed by calling the .name property on the enum value.





profilePlatformChannels → const ServicesServiceExtensions

Name of service extension that, when called, will toggle whether statistics about the usage of Platform Channels will be printed out periodically to the console and Timeline events will show the time between sending and receiving a message (encoding and decoding time excluded).

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evict → const ServicesServiceExtensions

Name of service extension that, when called, will evict an image from the rootBundle cache and cause the image cache to be cleared.

This is used by hot reload mode to clear out the cache of resources that have changed. This service extension should be called with a String value of the image path (e.g. foo.png).

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values → const List<ServicesServiceExtensions>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.