spellCheck constant

MethodChannel const spellCheck

A MethodChannel for handling spell check for text input.

This channel exposes the spell check framework for supported platforms. Currently supported on Android and iOS only.

Spell check requests are initiated by SpellCheck.initiateSpellCheck. These requests may either be completed or canceled. If the request is completed, the shell side will respond with the results of the request. Otherwise, the shell side will respond with null.

The following outgoing methods are defined for this channel (invoked by OptionalMethodChannel.invokeMethod):

  • SpellCheck.initiateSpellCheck: Sends request for specified text to be spell checked and returns the result, either a List<SuggestionSpan> representing the spell check results of the text or null if the request was canceled. The arguments are the String to be spell checked and the Locale for the text to be spell checked with.


static const MethodChannel spellCheck = OptionalMethodChannel(