setPreferredOrientations static method

Future<void> setPreferredOrientations(
  1. List<DeviceOrientation> orientations

Specifies the set of orientations the application interface can be displayed in.

The orientation argument is a list of DeviceOrientation enum values. The empty list causes the application to defer to the operating system default.


This setting will only be respected on iPad if multitasking is disabled.

You can decide to opt out of multitasking on iPad, then setPreferredOrientations will work but your app will not support Slide Over and Split View multitasking anymore.

Should you decide to opt out of multitasking you can do this by setting "Requires full screen" to true in the Xcode Deployment Info.


static Future<void> setPreferredOrientations(List<DeviceOrientation> orientations) async {
  await SystemChannels.platform.invokeMethod<void>(