setEditableSizeAndTransform method

void setEditableSizeAndTransform(
  1. Size editableBoxSize,
  2. Matrix4 transform

Send the size and transform of the editable text to engine.

The values are sent as platform messages so they can be used on web for example to correctly position and size the html input field.

  1. editableBoxSize: size of the render editable box.

  2. transform: a matrix that maps the local paint coordinate system to the PipelineOwner.rootNode.


void setEditableSizeAndTransform(Size editableBoxSize, Matrix4 transform) {
  if (editableBoxSize != _cachedSize || transform != _cachedTransform) {
    _cachedSize = editableBoxSize;
    _cachedTransform = transform;
    TextInput._instance._setEditableSizeAndTransform(editableBoxSize, transform);