UndoManager class

A low-level interface to the system's undo manager.

To receive events from the system undo manager, create an UndoManagerClient and set it as the client on UndoManager.

The setUndoState method can be used to update the system's undo manager using the canUndo and canRedo parameters.

When the system undo or redo button is tapped, the current UndoManagerClient will receive UndoManagerClient.handlePlatformUndo with an UndoDirection representing whether the event is "undo" or "redo".

Currently, only iOS has an UndoManagerPlugin implemented on the engine side. On iOS, this can be used to listen to the keyboard undo/redo buttons and the undo/redo gestures.

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Static Properties

client UndoManagerClient?
Return the current UndoManagerClient.
getter/setter pair

Static Methods

setChannel(MethodChannel newChannel) → void
Set the MethodChannel used to communicate with the system's undo manager.
setUndoState({bool canUndo = false, bool canRedo = false}) → void
Set the current state of the system UndoManager. canUndo and canRedo control the respective "undo" and "redo" buttons of the system UndoManager.