RPCErrorKind enum



RPCErrorKind({required int code, required String message})


kServerError → const RPCErrorKind

Application specific error code.

const RPCErrorKind(code: -32000, message: 'Application error')
kInvalidRequest → const RPCErrorKind

The JSON sent is not a valid Request object.

const RPCErrorKind(code: -32600, message: 'Invalid request object')
kMethodNotFound → const RPCErrorKind

The method does not exist or is not available.

const RPCErrorKind(code: -32601, message: 'Method not found')
kInvalidParams → const RPCErrorKind

Invalid method parameter(s), such as a mismatched type.

const RPCErrorKind(code: -32602, message: 'Invalid method parameters')
kInternalError → const RPCErrorKind

Internal JSON-RPC error.

const RPCErrorKind(code: -32603, message: 'Internal JSON-RPC error')
kFeatureDisabled → const RPCErrorKind

The requested feature is disabled.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 100, message: 'Feature is disabled')
kVmMustBePaused → const RPCErrorKind

The VM must be paused when performing this operation.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 101, message: 'The VM must be paused')
kCannotAddBreakpoint → const RPCErrorKind

Unable to add a breakpoint at the specified line or function.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 102, message: 'Unable to add breakpoint at specified line or function')
kStreamAlreadySubscribed → const RPCErrorKind

The stream has already been subscribed to.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 103, message: 'Stream already subscribed')
kStreamNotSubscribed → const RPCErrorKind

The stream has not been subscribed to.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 104, message: 'Stream not subscribed')
kIsolateMustBeRunnable → const RPCErrorKind

Isolate must first be runnable.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 105, message: 'Isolate must be runnable')
kIsolateMustBePaused → const RPCErrorKind

Isolate must first be paused.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 106, message: 'Isolate must be paused')
kIsolateCannotBeResumed → const RPCErrorKind

The isolate could not be resumed.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 107, message: 'The isolate could not be resumed')
kIsolateIsReloading → const RPCErrorKind

The isolate is currently reloading.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 108, message: 'The isolate is currently reloading')
kIsolateCannotReload → const RPCErrorKind

The isolate could not be reloaded due to an unhandled exception.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 109, message: 'The isolate could not be reloaded')
kIsolateNoReloadChangesApplied → const RPCErrorKind

The isolate reload resulted in no changes being applied.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 110, message: 'No reload changes applied')
kServiceAlreadyRegistered → const RPCErrorKind

The service has already been registered.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 111, message: 'Service already registered')
kServiceDisappeared → const RPCErrorKind

The service no longer exists.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 112, message: 'Service has disappeared')
kExpressionCompilationError → const RPCErrorKind

There was an error in the expression compiler.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 113, message: 'Expression compilation error')
kInvalidTimelineRequest → const RPCErrorKind

The timeline related request could not be completed due to the current configuration.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 114, message: 'Invalid timeline request for the current timeline configuration')
kCustomStreamDoesNotExist → const RPCErrorKind

The custom stream does not exist.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 130, message: 'Custom stream does not exist')
kCoreStreamNotAllowed → const RPCErrorKind

The core stream is not allowed.

const RPCErrorKind(code: 131, message: 'Core streams are not allowed')


code int
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
index int
A numeric identifier for the enumerated value.
no setterinherited
message String
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited


noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.

Static Methods

fromCode(int code) RPCErrorKind?


values → const List<RPCErrorKind>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.