addBreakpointAtEntry method

Future<Breakpoint> addBreakpointAtEntry(
  1. String isolateId,
  2. String functionId

The addBreakpointAtEntry RPC is used to add a breakpoint at the entrypoint of some function.

If no breakpoint is possible at the function entry, the 102 (Cannot add breakpoint) RPC error code is returned.

If isolateId refers to an isolate which has exited, then the Collected Sentinel is returned.

See Breakpoint.

Note that breakpoints are added and removed on a per-isolate basis.

This method will throw a SentinelException in the case a Sentinel is returned.


Future<Breakpoint> addBreakpointAtEntry(
        String isolateId, String functionId) =>
        {'isolateId': isolateId, 'functionId': functionId});