lookupPackageUris method

Future<UriList> lookupPackageUris(
  1. String isolateId,
  2. List<String> uris

The lookupPackageUris RPC is used to convert a list of URIs to their unresolved paths. For example, URIs passed to this RPC are mapped in the following ways:

  • org-dartlang-sdk:///sdk/lib/io/io.dart -> dart:io
  • file:///$PACKAGE_INSTALLATION_DIR/lib/test.dart -> package:test/test.dart
  • file:///foo/bar/bazz.dart -> file:///foo/bar/bazz.dart

If a URI is not known, the corresponding entry in the UriList response will be null.

See UriList.


Future<UriList> lookupPackageUris(String isolateId, List<String> uris) =>
    _call('lookupPackageUris', {'isolateId': isolateId, 'uris': uris});