lookupResolvedPackageUris method

Future<UriList> lookupResolvedPackageUris(
  1. String isolateId,
  2. List<String> uris,
  3. {bool? local}

The lookupResolvedPackageUris RPC is used to convert a list of URIs to their resolved (or absolute) paths. For example, URIs passed to this RPC are mapped in the following ways:

  • dart:io -> org-dartlang-sdk:///sdk/lib/io/io.dart
  • package:test/test.dart -> file:///$PACKAGE_INSTALLATION_DIR/lib/test.dart
  • file:///foo/bar/bazz.dart -> file:///foo/bar/bazz.dart

If a URI is not known, the corresponding entry in the UriList response will be null.

If local is true, the VM will attempt to return local file paths instead of relative paths, but this is not guaranteed.

See UriList.


Future<UriList> lookupResolvedPackageUris(String isolateId, List<String> uris,
        {bool? local}) =>
    _call('lookupResolvedPackageUris', {
      'isolateId': isolateId,
      'uris': uris,
      if (local != null) 'local': local,