resume method Null safety

Future<Success> resume(
  1. String isolateId,
  2. {String? step,
  3. int? frameIndex}

The resume RPC is used to resume execution of a paused isolate.

If the step parameter is not provided, the program will resume regular execution.

If the step parameter is provided, it indicates what form of single-stepping to use.

IntoSingle step, entering function calls
OverSingle step, skipping over function calls
OutSingle step until the current function exits
RewindImmediately exit the top frame(s) without executing any code.
Isolate will be paused at the call of the last exited function.

The frameIndex parameter is only used when the step parameter is Rewind. It specifies the stack frame to rewind to. Stack frame 0 is the currently executing function, so frameIndex must be at least 1.

If the frameIndex parameter is not provided, it defaults to 1.

If isolateId refers to an isolate which has exited, then the Collected Sentinel is returned.

See Success, StepOption.

This method will throw a SentinelException in the case a Sentinel is returned.


Future<Success> resume(String isolateId,
    {/*StepOption*/ String? step, int? frameIndex});