hide method Null safety

void hide(
  1. {int w3cXOffset = 100,
  2. int w3cYOffset = 0}

Moves the mouse away to hide its effect, like hover over element.

For W3C, the mouse cannot move out of the screen, the workaround would be to move to somewhere on edge where it's not on any element. You can configure the location with w3cXOffset and w3cYOffset. By default, it's at (100, 0).


void hide({int w3cXOffset = 100, int w3cYOffset = 0}) =>
    _handler is W3cWebDriverHandler
        ? moveTo(xOffset: w3cXOffset, yOffset: w3cYOffset, absolute: true)
        : moveTo(xOffset: -10000, yOffset: -10000);