invokeAction method Null safety

Object? invokeAction(
  1. covariant Action<Intent> action,
  2. covariant Intent intent,
  3. [BuildContext? context]

Invokes the given action, passing it the given intent.

The action will be invoked with the given context, if given, but only if the action is a ContextAction subclass. If no context is given, and the action is a ContextAction, then the context from the primaryFocus is used.

Returns the object returned from Action.invoke.

The caller must receive a true result from Action.isEnabled before calling this function. This function will assert if the action is not enabled when called.


Object? invokeAction(
  covariant Action<Intent> action,
  covariant Intent intent, [
  BuildContext? context,
]) {
  assert(action != null);
  assert(intent != null);
  assert(action.isEnabled(intent), 'Action must be enabled when calling invokeAction');
  if (action is ContextAction) {
    context ??= primaryFocus?.context;
    return action.invoke(intent, context);
  } else {
    return action.invoke(intent);