CustomScrollView constructor

const CustomScrollView(
  1. {Key key,
  2. Axis scrollDirection: Axis.vertical,
  3. bool reverse: false,
  4. ScrollController controller,
  5. bool primary,
  6. ScrollPhysics physics,
  7. bool shrinkWrap: false,
  8. Key center,
  9. double anchor: 0.0,
  10. double cacheExtent,
  11. List<Widget> slivers: const [],
  12. int semanticChildCount,
  13. DragStartBehavior dragStartBehavior: DragStartBehavior.start}

Creates a ScrollView that creates custom scroll effects using slivers.

See the ScrollView constructor for more details on these arguments.


const CustomScrollView({
  Key key,
  Axis scrollDirection = Axis.vertical,
  bool reverse = false,
  ScrollController controller,
  bool primary,
  ScrollPhysics physics,
  bool shrinkWrap = false,
  Key center,
  double anchor = 0.0,
  double cacheExtent,
  this.slivers = const <Widget>[],
  int semanticChildCount,
  DragStartBehavior dragStartBehavior = DragStartBehavior.start,
}) : super(
  key: key,
  scrollDirection: scrollDirection,
  reverse: reverse,
  controller: controller,
  primary: primary,
  physics: physics,
  shrinkWrap: shrinkWrap,
  center: center,
  anchor: anchor,
  cacheExtent: cacheExtent,
  semanticChildCount: semanticChildCount,
  dragStartBehavior: dragStartBehavior,