showSpellCheckSuggestionsToolbar method

bool showSpellCheckSuggestionsToolbar()

Shows toolbar with spell check suggestions of misspelled words that are available for click-and-replace.


bool showSpellCheckSuggestionsToolbar() {
  // Spell check suggestions toolbars are intended to be shown on non-web
  // platforms. Additionally, the Cupertino style toolbar can't be drawn on
  // the web with the HTML renderer due to
  final bool platformNotSupported = kIsWeb && BrowserContextMenu.enabled;
  if (!spellCheckEnabled
      || platformNotSupported
      || widget.readOnly
      || _selectionOverlay == null
      || !_spellCheckResultsReceived
      || findSuggestionSpanAtCursorIndex(textEditingValue.selection.extentOffset) == null) {
    // Only attempt to show the spell check suggestions toolbar if there
    // is a toolbar specified and spell check suggestions available to show.
    return false;

    _spellCheckConfiguration.spellCheckSuggestionsToolbarBuilder != null,
    'spellCheckSuggestionsToolbarBuilder must be defined in '
    'SpellCheckConfiguration to show a toolbar with spell check '

      (BuildContext context) {
        return _spellCheckConfiguration
  return true;