Focus.withExternalFocusNode constructor

const Focus.withExternalFocusNode(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. required Widget child,
  3. required FocusNode focusNode,
  4. FocusNode? parentNode,
  5. bool autofocus,
  6. ValueChanged<bool>? onFocusChange,
  7. bool includeSemantics}

Creates a Focus widget that uses the given focusNode as the source of truth for attributes on the node, rather than the attributes of this widget.


const factory Focus.withExternalFocusNode({
  Key? key,
  required Widget child,
  required FocusNode focusNode,
  FocusNode? parentNode,
  bool autofocus,
  ValueChanged<bool>? onFocusChange,
  bool includeSemantics,
}) = _FocusWithExternalFocusNode;