FocusHighlightMode enum Null safety

An enum to describe which kind of focus highlight behavior to use when displaying focus information.


touch → const FocusHighlightMode

Touch interfaces will not show the focus highlight except for controls which bring up the soft keyboard.

If a device that uses a traditional mouse and keyboard has a touch screen attached, it can also enter touch mode if the user is using the touch screen.

const FocusHighlightMode(0)
traditional → const FocusHighlightMode

Traditional interfaces (keyboard and mouse) will show the currently focused control via a focus highlight of some sort.

If a touch device (like a mobile phone) has a keyboard and/or mouse attached, it also can enter traditional mode if the user is using these input devices.

const FocusHighlightMode(1)
values → const List<FocusHighlightMode>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<FocusHighlightMode>


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