rect property

Rect rect

Returns the global rectangle of the attached widget's RenderObject, in logical units.

Rect is the rectangle of the transformed widget in global coordinates.


Rect get rect {
      context != null,
      "Tried to get the bounds of a focus node that didn't have its context set yet.\n"
      'The context needs to be set before trying to evaluate traversal policies. '
      'Setting the context is typically done with the attach method.');
  final RenderObject object = context.findRenderObject();
  final Offset topLeft = MatrixUtils.transformPoint(object.getTransformTo(null), object.semanticBounds.topLeft);
  final Offset bottomRight = MatrixUtils.transformPoint(object.getTransformTo(null), object.semanticBounds.bottomRight);
  return Rect.fromLTRB(topLeft.dx, topLeft.dy, bottomRight.dx, bottomRight.dy);