descendantsAreTraversable property Null safety

bool descendantsAreTraversable

If false, will make this widget's descendants untraversable.

Defaults to true. Does not affect traversablility of this node (just its descendants): for that, use FocusNode.skipTraversal.

Does not affect the value of FocusNode.skipTraversal on the descendants. Does not affect focusability of the descendants.

See also:

  • ExcludeFocusTraversal, a widget that uses this property to conditionally exclude focus traversal for a subtree.
  • descendantsAreFocusable, which makes this widget's descendants unfocusable.
  • ExcludeFocus, a widget that conditionally excludes focus for a subtree.
  • FocusTraversalGroup, a widget used to group together and configure the focus traversal policy for a widget subtree that has a descendantsAreFocusable parameter to conditionally block focus for a subtree.


final bool descendantsAreTraversable;