copyWith method Null safety

IconThemeData copyWith(
  1. {double? size,
  2. double? fill,
  3. double? weight,
  4. double? grade,
  5. double? opticalSize,
  6. Color? color,
  7. double? opacity,
  8. List<Shadow>? shadows}

Creates a copy of this icon theme but with the given fields replaced with the new values.


IconThemeData copyWith({
  double? size,
  double? fill,
  double? weight,
  double? grade,
  double? opticalSize,
  Color? color,
  double? opacity,
  List<Shadow>? shadows,
}) {
  return IconThemeData(
    size: size ?? this.size,
    fill: fill ?? this.fill,
    weight: weight ?? this.weight,
    grade: grade ?? this.grade,
    opticalSize: opticalSize ?? this.opticalSize,
    color: color ?? this.color,
    opacity: opacity ?? this.opacity,
    shadows: shadows ?? this.shadows,