LocaleListResolutionCallback typedef

Locale LocaleListResolutionCallback (
  1. List<Locale> locales,
  2. Iterable<Locale> supportedLocales

The signature of WidgetsApp.localeListResolutionCallback.

A LocaleListResolutionCallback is responsible for computing the locale of the app's Localizations object when the app starts and when user changes the list of locales for the device.

The locales list is the device's preferred locales when the app started, or the device's preferred locales the user selected after the app was started. This list is in order of preference. If this list is null or empty, then Flutter has not yet received the locale information from the platform. The supportedLocales parameter is just the value of WidgetsApp.supportedLocales.

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typedef LocaleListResolutionCallback = Locale Function(List<Locale> locales, Iterable<Locale> supportedLocales);