debugIsHidingAncestorStateOfType<T extends State<StatefulWidget>> static method

bool debugIsHidingAncestorStateOfType<T extends State<StatefulWidget>>(
  1. BuildContext context

Returns true if a LookupBoundary is hiding the nearest StatefulWidget with a State of the specified type T from the provided BuildContext.

This method throws when asserts are disabled.


static bool debugIsHidingAncestorStateOfType<T extends State>(BuildContext context) {
  bool? result;
  assert(() {
    bool hiddenByBoundary = false;
    bool ancestorFound = false;
    context.visitAncestorElements((Element ancestor) {
      if (ancestor is StatefulElement && ancestor.state is T) {
        ancestorFound = true;
        return false;
      hiddenByBoundary = hiddenByBoundary || ancestor.widget.runtimeType == LookupBoundary;
      return true;
    result = ancestorFound & hiddenByBoundary;
    return true;
  } ());
  return result!;