fromView static method

Widget fromView(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. required FlutterView view,
  3. required Widget child}

Wraps the child in a MediaQuery which is built using data from the provided view.

The MediaQuery is constructed using the platform-specific data of the surrounding MediaQuery and the view-specific data of the provided view. If no surrounding MediaQuery exists, the platform-specific data is generated from the PlatformDispatcher associated with the provided view. Any information that's exposed via the PlatformDispatcher is considered platform-specific. Data exposed directly on the FlutterView (excluding its FlutterView.platformDispatcher property) is considered view-specific.

The injected MediaQuery automatically updates when any of the data used to construct it changes.


static Widget fromView({
  Key? key,
  required FlutterView view,
  required Widget child,
}) {
  return _MediaQueryFromView(
    key: key,
    view: view,
    child: child,