maybeOf method Null safety

MediaQueryData? maybeOf(
  1. BuildContext context

The data from the closest instance of this class that encloses the given context, if any.

Use this function if you want to allow situations where no MediaQuery is in scope. Prefer using MediaQuery.of in situations where a media query is always expected to exist.

If there is no MediaQuery in scope, then this function will return null.

You can use this function to query the size and orientation of the screen, as well as other media parameters (see MediaQueryData for more examples). When that information changes, your widget will be scheduled to be rebuilt, keeping your widget up-to-date.

Typical usage is as follows:

MediaQueryData? mediaQuery = MediaQuery.maybeOf(context);
if (mediaQuery == null) {
  // Do something else instead.

See also:

  • of, which will throw if it doesn't find a MediaQuery ancestor, instead of returning null.


static MediaQueryData? maybeOf(BuildContext context) {
  assert(context != null);
  return context.dependOnInheritedWidgetOfExactType<MediaQuery>()?.data;