withClampedTextScaling static method

Widget withClampedTextScaling(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. double minScaleFactor = 0.0,
  3. double maxScaleFactor = double.infinity,
  4. required Widget child}

Wraps the child in a MediaQuery and applies TextScaler.clamp on the current MediaQueryData.textScaler.

The returned widget must be inserted in a widget tree below an existing MediaQuery widget.

This is a convenience function to restrict the range of the scaled text size to [minScaleFactor * fontSize, maxScaleFactor * fontSize] (to prevent excessive text scaling that would break the UI, for example). When minScaleFactor equals maxScaleFactor, the scaler becomes TextScaler.linear(minScaleFactor).


static Widget withClampedTextScaling({
  Key? key,
  double minScaleFactor = 0.0,
  double maxScaleFactor = double.infinity,
  required Widget child,
}) {
  assert(maxScaleFactor >= minScaleFactor);
  assert(minScaleFactor >= 0);

  return Builder(builder: (BuildContext context) {
    final MediaQueryData data = MediaQuery.of(context);
    return MediaQuery(
      data: data.copyWith(
        textScaler: data.textScaler.clamp(minScaleFactor: minScaleFactor, maxScaleFactor: maxScaleFactor),
      child: child,