displayFeatures property

List<DisplayFeature> displayFeatures

Areas of the display that are obstructed by hardware features.

This list is populated only on Android. If the device has no display features, this list is empty.

The coordinate space in which the DisplayFeature.bounds are defined spans across the screens currently in use. This means that the space between the screens is virtually part of the Flutter view space, with the DisplayFeature.bounds of the display feature as an obstructed area. The DisplayFeature.type can be used to determine if this display feature obstructs the screen or not. For example, DisplayFeatureType.hinge and DisplayFeatureType.cutout both obstruct the display, while DisplayFeatureType.fold is a crease in the display.

Folding DisplayFeatures like the DisplayFeatureType.hinge and DisplayFeatureType.fold also have a DisplayFeature.state which can be used to determine the posture the device is in.

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final List<ui.DisplayFeature> displayFeatures;