removeDisplayFeatures method

MediaQueryData removeDisplayFeatures(
  1. Rect subScreen

Creates a copy of this media query data by removing displayFeatures that are completely outside the given sub-screen and adjusting the padding, viewInsets and viewPadding to be zero on the sides that are not included in the sub-screen.

Returns unmodified MediaQueryData if the sub-screen coincides with the available screen space.

Asserts in debug mode, if the given sub-screen is outside the available screen space.

See also:


MediaQueryData removeDisplayFeatures(Rect subScreen) {
  assert(subScreen.left >= 0.0 && >= 0.0 &&
      subScreen.right <= size.width && subScreen.bottom <= size.height,
      "'subScreen' argument cannot be outside the bounds of the screen");
  if (subScreen.size == size && subScreen.topLeft == {
    return this;
  final double rightInset = size.width - subScreen.right;
  final double bottomInset = size.height - subScreen.bottom;
  return copyWith(
    padding: EdgeInsets.only(
      left: math.max(0.0, padding.left - subScreen.left),
      top: math.max(0.0, -,
      right: math.max(0.0, padding.right - rightInset),
      bottom: math.max(0.0, padding.bottom - bottomInset),
    viewPadding: EdgeInsets.only(
      left: math.max(0.0, viewPadding.left - subScreen.left),
      top: math.max(0.0, -,
      right: math.max(0.0, viewPadding.right - rightInset),
      bottom: math.max(0.0, viewPadding.bottom - bottomInset),
    viewInsets: EdgeInsets.only(
      left: math.max(0.0, viewInsets.left - subScreen.left),
      top: math.max(0.0, -,
      right: math.max(0.0, viewInsets.right - rightInset),
      bottom: math.max(0.0, viewInsets.bottom - bottomInset),
    displayFeatures: displayFeatures.where(
      (ui.DisplayFeature displayFeature) => subScreen.overlaps(displayFeature.bounds)