insertRenderObjectChild method Null safety

  1. @override
void insertRenderObjectChild(
  1. covariant RenderObject child,
  2. covariant IndexedSlot<Element?> slot

Insert the given child into renderObject at the given slot.

The semantics of slot are determined by this element. For example, if this element has a single child, the slot should always be null. If this element has a list of children, the previous sibling element wrapped in an IndexedSlot is a convenient value for the slot.


void insertRenderObjectChild(RenderObject child, IndexedSlot<Element?> slot) {
  final ContainerRenderObjectMixin<RenderObject, ContainerParentDataMixin<RenderObject>> renderObject = this.renderObject;
  renderObject.insert(child, after: slot.value?.renderObject);
  assert(renderObject == this.renderObject);