reportsRouteUpdateToEngine property

bool reportsRouteUpdateToEngine

Whether this navigator should report route update message back to the engine when the top-most route changes.

If the property is set to true, this navigator automatically sends the route update message to the engine when it detects top-most route changes. The messages are used by the web engine to update the browser URL bar.

If the property is set to true when the Navigator is first created, single-entry history mode is requested using SystemNavigator.selectSingleEntryHistory. This means this property should not be used at the same time as PlatformRouteInformationProvider is used with a Router (including when used with MaterialApp.router, for example).

If there are multiple navigators in the widget tree, at most one of them can set this property to true (typically, the top-most one created from the WidgetsApp). Otherwise, the web engine may receive multiple route update messages from different navigators and fail to update the URL bar.

Defaults to false.


final bool reportsRouteUpdateToEngine;