maybeOf static method

OverlayState? maybeOf(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. {bool rootOverlay = false}

The OverlayState from the closest instance of Overlay that encloses the given context within the closest LookupBoundary, if any.

Typical usage is as follows:

OverlayState? overlay = Overlay.maybeOf(context);

If rootOverlay is set to true, the state from the furthest instance of this class is given instead. Useful for installing overlay entries above all subsequent instances of Overlay.

This method can be expensive (it walks the element tree).

See also:

  • Overlay.of for a similar function that returns a non-nullable result and throws if an Overlay is not found.


static OverlayState? maybeOf(
  BuildContext context, {
  bool rootOverlay = false,
}) {
  return rootOverlay
      ? LookupBoundary.findRootAncestorStateOfType<OverlayState>(context)
      : LookupBoundary.findAncestorStateOfType<OverlayState>(context);